“Machines don't get drunk, stoned, or fired and don't need help to carry their families with them from here to everywhere in cases of emergency."  Frank Zappa

Even since I listened to Jazz from Hell by Frank Zappa I’ve been pretty passionate about the use of computers (or ‘machines’) to produce music. Whilst I was finishing university my friend Conrad showed me Cubase and I was absolutely gobsmacked by its potential for composition.

Cubase has since become an essential tool for my music creation as Android Boogie. As of now (August 2012) I’m lagging it a bit with Cubase 5, but I also use Native Instruments Komplete 7, Steinberg Hypersonic 2 (yes, a genuine licensed version) and other soft synths to compliment.

As well the software listed above, I use a combination of cheap vintage hardware synths and drum machines, controlled through MIDI and fed through a Mackie mixer to produce something crazy. I’ve put some pictures of my digital workspace below.

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