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(Disclaimer: McJazz is in no way connected to or affiliated with McDonalds, or any of its subsidiaries or employees. Neither was McJazz an official sponsor of the 2012 London Olympics!)

Sam Davis: Saxes, Laptop & Keys
Joe Inkpen: Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, MIDI guitar, 'Guitboard'
Ashley Smith: Drums & Percussion
Alec Tappenden: Bass Guitar

McJazz is the result of jamming and messing around during Daylight Saving rehearsals between August and November 2010. We used to jam and improvise on our own riffs often spending up to half an hour playing on one simple idea!

Many of these jams have been recorded and stored on PC. Some of the recordings have just been spliced and normalised in glorious ‘fi’, others have been manipulated madly, whilst others have been transcribed and re-produced in Cubase. Below is a selection of some of these recordings.


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